Our Christmas Miracle Kitty

“All her life she had believed in something more, in the mystery that shape-shifted at the edge of her senses.”   -Eowyn Ivey, The Snow Child.

In the fall, the books that found their way home from the library and into my heart included Dewey, the Library Cat and James Herriott’s Treasury for Children.  Dewey was found in a library drop box.  One kitten in James Herriott’s collection showed up on a farm and made a sow his mother.  Another one turned up on Christmas Day!  So many stories about lost kittens!  I began to question. . . Was God preparing me for something?  Was a kitty going to appear in our lives?  I shared this thought with my sons.


“Mom, I don’t think it works that way,” my teenager said.

Yet wonder was sparkling around the boundaries of reality.

“It’s possible we’re going to find  a cat,” I told my hubby, “maybe in our mailbox or something.”

“I’m allergic!!!” he reminded me.

In the whirlwind of late November and December, I forgot all about kittens.  Then, on December 23rd, as we were about to pile into the car to go look at Christmas lights, my nine-year-old son dashed towards me.

“Mom, come quick!  There’s a cat in our garage!”  The boy hadn’t forgotten.  He was beaming.

Memories of my autumn reading rushed over me.  Could it be?!!!  Wonder floated in the night air (Christmas being so near), and it was palpable.

It didn’t matter that she was scared and hissing, hiding beneath my husband’s tool chest.  A kitten had indeed come to us!  It was a Christmas miracle!


My husband coaxed her out, and she immediately started purring.  I bought cat food at a gas station while we were out admiring Christmas lights and fed it to our lost kitten.   She had no collar, no chip, but she had found a home.

We still don’t know where she came from, but it seems our sweet “angel kitty” adopted us.  I tell my sons that it feels as if God Himself dropped her into our garage.  After a Christmas break consisting of many a family movie night of cat cuddling on the couch, we’ve all fallen in love . . . even my hubby, who hardly ever sneezes when he holds her. 😉

In this new year and decade, let’s relish heaven’s whispers of wonder.  When an absurd glimmer of hope is born, let’s smile and cradle it in our imaginations as a little child would do, instead of squelching it like a jaded grown-up.  Because you never know . . . This year, wonder just might pounce on top of reality!


10 thoughts on “Our Christmas Miracle Kitty

  1. She is a gorgeous kitten! Forget reality, forget how things are supposed to work, and wonder no more. Your angel kitten has been successfully delivered and received into the proper hands and hearts. Enjoy the purrs, the magic, and the blessings!

    • Thank you, Jess! God knew I needed to nurture a little kitten. She is bringing so much joy! I keep laughing about how you said, “It wasn’t me (who delivered her to our garage)!”

  2. I love this story of magic and wonder!! You just never know when a little bit of magic will peek out at you. You and the angel kitty were bound together in some celestial way. Both of you the lucky recipient of the other💕

  3. This is fantastic, Carol! I know she will be a special member of your family. My cat appeared in front of my school on a major highway as a six week old kitten. No idea how he got there, but I took him home and he’s 16 now and I can’t imagine life without Archie! I have no doubt God put us together. Can’t wait to hear more cat stories!

  4. Aw Carol what a lovely written story, a kitten really is the best Christmas present! I hope you’ve have a wonderful Christmas and start to the New Year, especially with your new family addition 🌟💛

    • Hi Evie!!! Yes, you’re right. When I asked Caleb what his favorite Christmas present was, without hesitation, he said, “Kathy!” I hope we get to see you again soon, sweet Evie! I’m praying for you, as I know this was a difficult Christmas.

  5. What a beautiful Christmas miracle. I’m amazed at how God planted the thought in your heart months in advance to prepare you for the kitten He was going to deliver.
    Enjoy the kitten times… they are so sweet and beautiful! And, unlike dogs, they are still as precious when they are older (just maybe a little less playful).
    *I don’t mean to offend dog lovers – I just happen not to be one, LOL*

    • I know you understand this, fellow literature lover . . . God often speaks to me through books! Thank you for the encouragement that cats stay sweet when they grow up! I don’t want her personality to change. 🙂

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