Blooms in My May Garden

May was a glorious bouquet.  Stroll with me through my May garden, admiring God’s palette and glimpsing his smile in the petals. The peonies bloomed . . . soft, billowy pillows my eyes like to rest upon!  I once met a woman in Alabama who claimed to have a garden full of peonies.  “My garden,” she said, […]

Because of My Weaknesses

My husband is fond of saying, “We don’t do what we know we need to do to be happy.”  I know I need to live gratefully.  This week I didn’t.  I know I need to keep up with the laundry.  This week I didn’t.  I know I need to read books, plan meals, spend time […]

Oh My Baby, Little One

As a little girl, I had to fight back tears when I found a note in my lunchbox from Mama. The elementary school I attended—which in hindsight was quite nurturing—felt cold in comparison to the warmth of her love, felt unsafe in comparison to the haven of home. Glimpses of heaven still make me cry: […]