Blooms in My May Garden

May was a glorious bouquet.  Stroll with me through my May garden, admiring God’s palette and glimpsing his smile in the petals.

The peonies bloomed . . . soft, billowy pillows my eyes like to rest upon!  I once met a woman in Alabama who claimed to have a garden full of peonies.  “My garden,” she said, nodding with pride and with wistfulness, “oh, my garden!”

May 2014 074

Butterfly weed:  This perennial is both a host plant and a food source for monarchs.  Come soon, winged friends!

May 2014 091

Rain lilies!  Spring and summer rains awaken these happy pink petals.

Jackmanii clematis:  My husband recently told me that this is one of his favorites!  It does draw attention to itself when it paints the fence purple!  This year I planted cheery cosmos in front of it and let it climb its way through the neighboring ‘Rina Hugo’ rose.

Australia and April and early May (phone) 801

Stella de Oro daylily: This plant is commonly seen, and it is easy to understand why.  Almost as soon as its leaves die in the late fall, new green growth pushes up underneath.  A gardener simply has to lift the old leaves away to reveal the coming of spring!


Hardy Amaryllis/St. Joseph’s Lily (hippeastrum johnsonii):  Hooray!  After years of trying to grow this plant, it bloomed this month . . . twice!  Sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error to find a plant’s perfect home, but this amaryllis is worth the trouble. 🙂

May 2014 107May 2014 121

Balloon Flower:  The bud “balloons” don’t pop.  Rather, they unfold into captivating blue flowers.

May 2014 104

Black and Blue salvia:  This plant is useful for growing in the soggiest section of your yard.  Beware . . . it spreads quickly!

May 2014 118

Autumn sage:  Hardy and dependable!

Because of the roses, the garden was a wonder this month!

May 2014 108


Two fun annuals:  Supertunias (top) and golden shrimp plant (bottom right)

May 2014 128

My eight-year-old planted pumpkin seeds in his garden this spring.  People keep warning me that the vines will take over the yard, but aren’t pumpkin flowers beautiful?!!!