“Blooms” in My October Garden

The October garden sighs flowers in celebration of having endured the summer heat.  Autumn reawakens something in me as well.  Following is a list of “blooms” in my garden and in my life over the past month. * ‘Country Girl’ chrysanthemums, waving pale pink happiness to passersby * A desire to play more with my children […]

Could a Grandfather Clock Improve My Garden?

I met a fascinating clocksmith on Friday, when he visited my house to install a moon dial.  It had fallen off during shipment of the grandfather clock I’d been dreaming about for much of my life. To me, a grandfather clock, with its carefully crafted workmanship, stands tall for the value of time well spent, […]

My “Banana Trees”

This summer, my boys and I were running errands, listening to Dragon of the Red Dawn, by the amazing Mary Pope Osborne,* when my heart was linked to a seventeenth-century Japanese poet:  Basho.  In the book, Basho’s character says, “[M]y banana tree is more beautiful to me than all the beauty of the Imperial Garden.”  […]

Wing Dance

“ ‘. . . You will make me full of joy in Your presence.’ ”                                                                                            —Acts 2:28 (NKJV) This morning didn’t start differently than any other morning.  I awoke early, made my older son’s lunch, and got him to school on time.  Now, I’m feeding my little one diced strawberries in the breakfast nook.  As […]