“Blooms” in My October Garden

The October garden sighs flowers in celebration of having endured the summer heat.  Autumn reawakens something in me as well.  Following is a list of “blooms” in my garden and in my life over the past month.

* ‘Country Girl’ chrysanthemums, waving pale pink happiness to passersby

late October 154

* A desire to play more with my children

* My son, still happy to hold my hand as we walk home after school

* Roses!

After a hot summer with scarcely a bud, autumn reminds me why I planted them! Cupped, overflowing, carrying me away on their scent—surely heaven is full of garden roses!

* Being the only visitors at the pumpkin farm in the pouring rain, the boys looking like two versions of Christopher Robin, holding little umbrellas over their heads while sloshing around the farm and singing during a soggy hayride

* Cool weather that beckons me outside and gives my heart a thrill that Christmas is not so very far away

* Aster oblongifolius

Yes, that is its actual, scientific name!  Currently, it is a poof of lavender glory.

big orange pumpkin farm 2013 249

* Sitting in my friend’s living room, chatting with her as she contentedly sews my son’s patches on his cub scout uniform–all because she heard me say I didn’t have the skill to do it

* Fernando Ortega radio on Pandora (Oh, what peace!)

*Answered prayers

* Thunbergia grandiflora

This vine has turned the swing set into a jungle, but it blooms such an imagination-inspiring shade of purple-blue, the boys haven’t complained.

big orange pumpkin farm 2013 219

*Feeling Jesus here with me while reading A Severe Mercy

First published in 1977, this is not a children’s book but an extraordinary love story, both human and divine.  I can’t believe I’ve missed this book until now, but God’s timing is perfect.

* A real grandfather clock, plucked straight from my dreams, chiming its old-world charm and my husband’s love for me through the house

* Monarchs! 

The butterfly bush is true to its name.  It is huge this year, blooming almost as many flying petals as it blooms purple plumes.  If you haven’t already, give yourself the gift of planting one near a window.

flowers and butterflies 016

* Ants in my kitchen  (I just thought I’d share one of the many “weeds” in my garden.)

* Swinging with my little one in my lap, flying together up to that blue autumn sky puffed with clouds

* Roasting yummy pumpkin seeds with my eight-year-old on a quiet afternoon

These summer bloomers continue to flower:

  • Russian sage
  • Blackfoot daisy
  • Autumn sage
  • Turk’s cap
  • Moonflower
  • Morning glory
  • Passion vine
  • Vinca
  • ‘Dragon Wing’ begonia
  • Abelia bush
  • Black and Blue salvia
  • ‘Maverick’ geranium
  • Canna
  • Cockscomb
  • Purple heart
  • Cypress vine