Blooms in My April Garden

I do not live near the mountains.  I do not live near the sea.  But I planted a little garden and brought beauty here to me. 🙂   Isn’t planting a garden magical?  It’s like lifting your house up and moving it to a scenic place . . . especially in springtime!  Come inside my April garden.  It struck me that this post is a glimpse of heaven because, on this screen, the plants which have staggered their blooming over the course of this beautiful month are in full glory all at once!  And, I’ve neglected to photograph the weeds!


pink columbine

Pink columbine – This flower is indeed “clothed in splendor.” (Matthew 6:28-29)  This plant has come back year after year for a decade.  It has perfect manners . . . growing a bit each year, yet not taking up too much space.  Its foliage comes up new and fresh each spring, and it never fails to lift up intricate blooms.



Pincushion flower (scabiosa)

Roses – I never spray them with chemicals, yet these hardy roses thrive!

'Belinda's Dream' rose

‘Belinda’s Dream’ rose

‘Belinda’s Dream’ – This is what a person thinks of when they hear the word “rose” . . . full, fragrant, repeat blooming, and healthy!

‘Brite Eyes’ climbing rose (three photos above) – It is filling the yard with its perfume right now.


'Double Pink Knockout' rose

‘Double Knockout’ rose

‘Double Knockout’ – I think this bush has reached 10 feet this year!


‘Abraham Darby’ – It isn’t the most prolific bloomer, but this rose wins the prize for my favorite rose.  I love its peachy-pink hue, its pillowy blossoms, and its “fruit bouquet” scent.


‘Easy Does It’ – If you have never grown a rose, start with this one or ‘Belinda’s Dream,’ and you’ll be hooked!


‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’ – An antique rose, she is valued in the garden for her abundance of pale pink petals and her lovely aroma.


‘Cecile Brunner’ – She is a full sized bush bearing perfect rose buds in miniature.


‘Dame de Coeur’ – Plant ‘Dame’ when you need a deep red rose that won’t clash with nearby pink blooms.


Purple oxalis – These distinctive leaves splash puddles of purple in the garden.  Oxalis grows from corms and can be easily divided.

Woodland phlox – (pictured in header) Don’t blue flowers, the color of Easter eggs, just belong in a spring garden?


blue false indigo

Blue false indigo (baptisia australis) – This plant is only beautiful in the spring, but, oh, what a show!!!  I have mine on the side of the house, so I can walk by it on purpose in April and avoid it at other times. 🙂


Coral honeysuckle


Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ – Clematis vines are a joy to grow.  They produce large, gorgeous flowers, and (except for sweet autumn clematis), they are quite mannerly.


Clematis Texensis ‘Princess Diana’


Spanish bluebells – This is a shade-loving bulb.


Cheddar pinks ‘Bath’s Pink’ (dianthus) – I like to see and smell these flowers as I’m walking past the front flower bed.


Stephan’s jasmine – I grow this vine simply for its sweet scent!

“Now the Lord God had planted a garden . . . .”  (Genesis 2:8)  No wonder I feel close to Him while tending plants!  Thank you, Lord, for the spring flowers!

3 thoughts on “Blooms in My April Garden

  1. Dear Carol, is always magic to see the flowers through your enchanted eyes. I am still dreaming with these wonderful colors and delicatessen. This is a touch of God’s love.

    • Thank you, Ana! The other day, you used the term, “walking flower.” You are a “walking flower,” spreading the sweet scent of appreciation, faith in God, and love wherever you go!

  2. Your garden must be AMAZING right now!! Your photos in this entry are beautiful. Don’t you just love springtime?!! It makes you marvel and stand in awe at the incredible beauty and magnitude of God’s creations.

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