“Blooms” in My August Garden

August has been a blur of blessings: beach, back to school, boy’s birthday, and blooms! As I was rushing to prepare for the first three blessings in the list, the blossoms caused me to slow long enough to drink in a scent, to admire a swirl of petals, or just to splash their leaves with welcome water.


‘Clotilde Soupert’ rose

While we were at the beach, my two “gardening neighbors” watered my plants for me.  Their tender care made the roses bloom in August!


A spray of Graham Thomas (yellow) bent close to the lovely Abraham Darby rose (apricot).  They looked as if they were whispering beautiful garden secrets.


Near those roses in the front flower bed sits one of my favorite plant combinations:  cheery vinca (pink), striking ‘Purple Pixie’ loropetalum (purple), and lacy ‘Powis Castle’ artemisia (silver).


Turk’s cap has been donning its diminutive hats this month.  Isn’t the fancy plume atop each one fetching?


Dwarf pomegranate: In March, I thought the harsh winter had killed this plant, but upon close examination, I saw a hint of green at her base. Look at her radiant, red self now!


Garlic chives:  I’ve had these in the ground for years, but this spring I pulled out an old rose that had been shading them.  Warm sunlight upon them has produced these intricate globes.


Dwarf Mexican petunia:  The pretty flowers play hide and seek inside the low, dense clump of foliage.


The datura has put on a show lately.  Its large, petaled moons have beckoned me outside early in the morning to admire them before the bright sun bid them close.


Mexican feather grass:  It is like a messy ponytail waving in the breeze.  Plant this green “hair,” and you might find yourself running your fingers through it just for fun!


This baby bunny is the reason I don’t have more pictures of flowers to share this month. 🙂  My, he’s been hungry!  Each morning, I hear him dashing to another part of the garden to avoid being watered along with the plants.

A few of the “blooms” in my life this month:

* My dear, talented friend, Jessica, created a header for this site.  Thank you for making children’s book dreams come true, Jess!

* God’s gift of the long-awaited baby blooming in sweet Lacy’s belly.  We praise you, Lord!

* Healthy baby Noah!

* Capturing the attention of an elderly man as I carried a life-sized spiderman balloon for my son’s birthday through the grocery store – He grinned, and laughter pressed my smile wide because my secret was out:  It was a very happy day!

* Watching the sun rise over the ocean

* My husband’s love

* Being welcomed into the familial warmth of a Christian elementary school

* Little One flying down a waterslide like a ragdoll, then eagerly climbing out the edge of the pool to ride it again and again!

* Enjoying a leisurely breakfast with my uncle who “knows how to live!”

* Welcoming my cousins home from Japan

* Wonderful news from my littlest sister!  Hurry home, Dear!

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