Would You Wear Goodnight Moon?

It came to her in a dream. Margaret Wise Brown awoke and captured it in a form near to the one we cherish today. She called her editor, who immediately approved of her genius. Goodnight Moon was born.

It is surprising to me that more mothers-to-be don’t paint their nurseries bright green, install red carpet, and hang a painting of three bears. It sounds bold, but knowing and loving the book, what could be more peaceful?

Even I didn’t dare create a Goodnight Moon room for my baby boys. However, I have decided to be brave enough to wear the book cover!


Out of Print makes children’s book t-shirts. I stumbled upon them on modcloth.com, a fun site that sells Donna Reed style dresses and, apparently, children’s book attire! If the price of the tee seems as if you could be purchasing a shirt as well as a picture book, you are! Out of Print donates a children’s book to a struggling community in Africa with every purchase. Would you wear Goodnight Moon? Or, would you prefer to don Where the Wild Things Are? They even make shirts from “grown-up” novels like Pride and Prejudice.

Even the tag is full of literary charm!

Even the tag is full of library charm!

I just couldn’t resist sharing this whimsical find with all of you who share my passion for children’s literature. I can’t wait to find out what literary conversations with strangers this shirt will inspire!