Everyday Wonders

God is always singing love over us, but our ears must be open to hear.  These posts help me pay attention to His never-ceasing blessings! 


Origami ships sailing across the dining room table

A homeless man who asked for only fifty cents, and with bright eyes exclaimed, “God bless you!”

The prayer my husband wrote for me, for whenever I start to worry


A box of books sent from my forever friend to my eldest son, complete with a note!

My mother skiing in the light of a full moon

A little girl with epilepsy telling me that she knows God is teaching her to trust Him because He has something great planned for her life


The gift of romance and the time around Valentine’s Day to celebrate it (and my sister’s birthday!)

Edward Tulane, waiting beside the bunk bed

My little niece, surprising me, reaching for my hand on a walk


The cat in my kitchen window 

A sunshine-warmed couch on a winter day

An evening with my mom and sister, listening to Ruth Moody‘s angelic voice

Australian yoga

A garden of bulbs indoors, blooming from the generous heart of Mrs. A.

Time to visit the nature trail near our old house and be renewed

Two-ingredient ice cream   (God invented ice cream!)


Magical trees  and a family night at the movies, complete with a “class pet”

Laughing with my husband as we attempted to play badminton at the park


Flowers picked for me by my youngest son (every time he sees one in our yard)–“Mommy knows I like her because I give her flowers!” 

Dancing, flying, on roller blades with my hockey-playing husband

Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of life, and all the ways You are visible in it!



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