The Scent of Contentment

Have you ever experienced the scent of bluebonnets?  I don’t mean holding one to your nose; rather, the aroma that floats on the breeze over a blooming field of blue.


Walking through a meadow last weekend, alone with that sweet scent, I cried.  It was too much beauty to contain.  They were, of course, happy tears . . . more like a prayer of gratitude that brimmed over.  Never before, in my memory, had I been able to relish the bluebonnets, far away from busy traffic and noise.  Never before had I seen so many!

In Texas, we don’t have white-sand beaches or snowy mountains.  But last weekend, I fell in love with what we do have:  meadows thick with the scent of heaven every April, roadsides that reflect God’s beauty, and the essence of blue bursting through countless petals.

The Country Woods Inn in Glen Rose, Texas

I’ve always had a mysterious attachment to fields.  For years, every time my husband and I would have an argument, I would imagine us happy again, hand in hand, running through a field of wildflowers.  When I showed my family the bluebonnet meadow across from the farm cabin we were renting, my husband suggested I grab each son by the hand and run!  I hummed the theme song to the Little House on the Prairie series (as well as I could through laughter) as we skipped over flowers.

Back in the big city now, I’m thankful to know the bluebonnet meadow in Glen Rose exists.  It brings me joy just to know it is there, being tossed in the wind right now, and that maybe, during some future April, I’ll have the privilege of returning to it. 

P.S.  The water tower in Glen Rose reads:  “America’s Dream Town.”  It was easy for me to see why: abundant wildflowers, farm life, hills, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, an old-fashioned drive-in movie a short drive away, beautiful Dinosaur Valley State Park, and a charming town square!  A visit there will make you fall more in love with Texas.  🙂   


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  1. Dear Carol, how inspiring were your beautiful words! Now I really want to know this beautiful place Glen Rose and have the privilege to see the bluebonnets.

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