Dear Jess

Dear Jess,

When you asked me to send you a picture of “little Carol,” and one afternoon I looked through old photo albums to grant your request, I had no idea you were plotting to give me my own Kirklin/Tudor picture book.  (I will treasure it always!) 


Your generosity, it seems, is limitless!  A few weeks after that gift of your art (and heart), I received an e-mail from you with the subject, “Surprise!”  Inside was a picture of a new blog header you’d been painting for me!  There was “little Carol” in a children’s book world—complete with meadow, wood, flowers, feathered friends, and a butterfly.  This much older Carol would love to jump inside your illustration for a couple of serene hours each day!  How can I thank you enough?  You gave me something I could never give myself, for as you know, I cannot draw or paint or even glue the tail on the right end of a boo boo bunny! 

When I met you at a Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators conference, while waiting for our gluten-free meal that consisted only of broccoli and red onions, I didn’t realize I was meeting a sister-in-Christ, a true forever friend!  They told us unestablished writers and illustrators should not collaborate on picture books, but outside the binding, you have so sweetly collaborated with me to make this blog look like its title.  Thank you for the gift of yourself in your art and in your beautiful friendship.  I can’t wait to read all the books you will write and illustrate in the future!!!

With love and gratitude,


E-mail readers may wish to visit to see the new header.

Here is a link to Jessica’s website, My Art Your Way!

2 thoughts on “Dear Jess

  1. Dear Carol,

    I am humbled and honored by this post. You deserve every gift bestowed upon you and more. I am so happy that you want to visit the world in your header, as it was created just for you. May your imagination pop you into it as often as you like. I hope that whatever adventure you would like to take on any given day lies just beyond the meadow, inside the woods, or behind the flower bushes. At the very least, may it lie in the book you are reading in this world or that one.

    Love and gratitude to you too!


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