Winter Wonders

The last day of February is here, full of buds and birdsong.  Before I plunge into the beauty of spring, I want to remember, with a grateful heart, the blessings of January and February. 

My littlest boy, who prayed for snow, running in the falling flakes and thanking God!


The margin of January, waiting to be filled

Dancing with my husband in the kitchen

Tears coming at church when we sang of Jesus not wanting to live without us in heaven, so he came to earth to get us

Ice skating with my hockey-playing hubby and having dinner beside a fireplace afterwards

Drops of sunlight splattering the shutters

The daffodils I planted pushing up out of the soil

My sister successfully starting her own business!

Reading picture books on the couch with my boys

A visit from my baby sister while I was still in my PJs

Reading Martha’s Vineyard:  Isle of Dreams, and beginning to believe again that these children’s stories I’m writing might make it into little hands and hearts

Listening to my youngest son read Green Eggs and Ham all by himself!

Recording all of “our songs” with my musical daddy

Friends, giving my spirit wings with their encouragement!!!

“Hammocking” as a family


Witnessing a baptism in a tin bathtub in the back of a pickup truck on a cold winter morning, because the boy couldn’t wait to share his passion for Jesus!

Happy birds singing outside my bathroom window in the morning

Watching Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella with my oldest son  (It was a consequence for him, but I think he secretly liked some of the music!)

Laughing so hard my tummy hurt at my friend’s Valentine party

A Valentine from my second born


Hubby making me close my eyes before leading me outside, picking me up, and plopping me into a camping hammock he’d strung between our two “teenage trees” in the backyard

Watching my oldest son play his violin at school for the little kids at the “Q and U wedding” reception

Reading about Jesus riding in on a white horse in Revelation!  (The best love story come true!)

My sister’s kitty, Figaro, who went missing the day they moved into their new house, coming home safe and sound after 5 months, no worse for the wear!

Thank you, Jesus, for all the ways you show your enduring love!







3 thoughts on “Winter Wonders

  1. And thank you Jesus for you and your encouraging words! You make see the world with the eyes of a faithful child. May our Lord bless you. And “yes” we are waiting for a book full of magic and simplicity.

  2. You have been most preciously blessed! Thank you for inspiring us all to count our blessings. You brought each of your sweet memories to life so effortlessly, I feel as if they happened right before my eyes.

  3. Thank you, dearests! You are kind to read my words and then to encourage me with yours! I am truly blessed to have such friends as you!!!

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