Spring Wonders

Let me relate this spring to you as an imaginary ballet.  It begins in the past.  A mother holds her blond toddler’s hand as they skip through crowds of adults who stop to pat his head, smile, blow kisses.  In an instant, the child grows into a tween.  Most of the grown-ups grow indifferent.  A few keep smiling, but a villain begins casting stones at the boy.  A couple of others join her as the child’s mother and father huddle over him, trying to shelter him from the blows.  Finally, the parents each grab a hand of their child and flee with him to safety.  At home, the resilient boy begins to skip and dance again, secure in his parents’ love.  The father, too, resumes the dance, but the mother can’t stop weeping.  Her corner of the stage is empty and dark.  In the midst of her pain, the whippoorwill sings its hopeful song in the night.  In the morning, flowers dance in, bringing dear friends who pull the mother to her feet, hug her, twirl her round!  Finally, the mother takes her boy’s hand and, ever so slowly, they begin to dance back out into a crowd of strangers.

Surely this whole list of blessings can outweigh the pain . . . 

The deep countryside of Mississippi, providing the quiet I crave

Soft pink peony pillows



‘Shirley Temple’


God’s whisper in Vermont with an idea of what to write next

Surprise earrings, “ballet slipper” nail polish, and a sweet card from my sister!

Our family clinging together while the outside world felt harsh

A magical dinner in Uncle Dean’s garden

The dream tree my hubby bought for me


20170520_193742_1496155829222 (2)

‘Strawberry Smoothie’ althea tree


Seeing sweet movies, Beauty and the Beast and La La Land, with even sweeter friends

Visiting the “Almost Amish” farm for the first time and watching my youngest frolic with a tiny white goat



Homestead Heritage farm near Waco, Texas



A six-year-old boy bringing me punch without being asked, saying, “Something refreshing for you!”

A two-year-old miracle looking for Easter eggs at her birthday party

The elderly woman I’d just met who said she could see my eldest’s good heart on his face

Crown-wearing zinnias


The sound of a Texas longhorn’s breath on the water, as she drank from the swimming pool we were sitting beside


Wading in “dancing” dino tracks at The Ballroom Scene in the Paluxy River

Hearing the whippoorwill’s comforting song late at night on a Texas ranch



Hideaway Ranch in Glen Rose, Texas


Bird soap and hope from a kindred spirit

Donning hats for high tea with my baby sister and Mama

The Mother’s Day cards my boys made for me

Waking up to the pure voice of my youngest singing, “Come down to here,” to his brother

The Bible verses God keeps showing me:  “God is close to the brokenhearted.”  Trust in the Lord!”

Daylilies filling the garden


‘Barbara Mitchell’


‘Lullaby Baby’

The dress that made me feel like Cinderella . . . a gift on our wedding anniversary!

My oldest niece holding my youngest niece, braiding her hair to make her feel better













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  1. Dear Carol, what a bless is to see the world through your eyes! Today, after my prayers, making breakfast for my family, I could read your blog and delight myself with your words. I want to relax inside your beautiful world.

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