Hummingbird Season

There are some things I just can’t get enough of . . . strawberries (my children eat them up as soon as I wash them), guacamole (avocados are expensive, so I always end up making too little to go around), sleep, and hummingbirds.

It is hummingbird season in Texas!  This morning I was elated to see two hummingbirds trying to claim the feeder outside my bedroom window.  They chased each other, and I experienced pure joy for a few seconds.  Then, they were gone.

20170908_092143 (2)


20170908_092835 (2)

hummingbirds at the feeders in my backyard


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find hummingbirds in abundance?  To really get your fill of marveling at the fairy-like birds in miniature?  To immerse yourself in the sound of their chirps and “light saber” wings?  (Yes, George Lucas used the sound of beating hummingbird wings as the sound of light sabers in Star Wars!)

It is possible!  Somewhere over the rainbow, in a little Texas town called Rockport, the hummingbirds hang out on their way back to Mexico.  They congregate there in mid-September each year, so the town holds a hummingbird celebration.  Thanks to this video, Rockport is now on my list of dream destinations.  The man at the end of this short clip sums it up . . . Incredible!

 P.S.  Hurricane Harvey caused terrible destruction in Rockport. They have canceled their 29th annual hummingbird celebration, but I have a feeling the birds will still come this year.  Perhaps their presence will minister to hurting souls.  As Emily Dickinson wrote, “Hope is the thing with feathers . . . .”



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  1. They are fairy-like birds and such a treat to glimpse. Now Rockport is a dream destination for me too!! Thanks for the beautiful post and the information. I learned a thing or two!

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