A Picture Book-Inspired Home (Part II in Decorating Series)


Bunny Day by Rick Walton, illustrated by Paige Miglio, teaches children the concept of time.  Flipping through the gorgeous illustrations offers adults fodder for dreams.  This book contains a plethora of decorating ideas for anyone who’d like their home to look as though it were plucked from the pages of a picture book.


The Cuckoo Clock

Beginning on the title page, inspiration abounds!  Father rabbit winds the cuckoo clock.  In Part I, we looked at the mantel clock.  (This book actually has one of those, too!)  Now, we visit the clock that shelters a little bird inside.  This is mesmerizing for children who either live with you or visit.  It also enchants the child at heart!  We found our cuckoo clock on a very special, long-saved-for and anticipated trip to Switzerland when we were still newlyweds.  It waited for us on a wall of the Swiss Made shop in Wengen, a car-free village tucked into the Alps.  Never mind that I had altitude sickness, I fell in love with that little village.  The clock holds some of the magic of that Heidi-like place.


The Tea Kettle

Let us move to the dedication page.  A tea kettle sits on the wood burning stove, good-morning steam rising.  The mama rabbit savors the heat from her tea cup.  Hot tea is comforting any time of day, but especially in the early morning grogginess or when bedtime draws near.  During the day, an offer of a cup of tea lets a guest know they are welcome to linger.  It steeps; you pause. You sip.  Stress dissolves.  Perhaps that’s why artist, Susan Branch, never travels without her electric tea kettle.


The Wall Calendar

Speaking of Susan Branch, a wall calendar can be both useful and charming in a corner of a kitchen or on the inside door of a pantry.  I know much of the world has moved on to digital calendars, but I have clung to the 1980’s version.  Susan Branch fills her wall calendars with inspiration, from adorable paintings to recipes to quotations fit for the season.  Mama bunny can sip her tea in peace, no cell phone in sight, confident that she hasn’t forgotten anyone’s birthday today.


The House Plant

We still haven’t left the dedication page!  A healthy house plant sits on a stand by the front door.  I haven’t pulled out this particular “decorating manual” in a while, yet it must have embedded itself in my subconscious.  The plant on the stand beside my front door mirrors the one in this illustration!  House plants silently breathe extra life into a home.


The Bowl of Fruit

A kitchen counter can be cheered by a basket of apples, a bowl of lemons, or even a hanging clump of bananas!  I’ve noticed that if I leave chocolate on the counter, my sweet tooth increases!  But, if I leave fruit within view, I’m more likely to eat healthy.  🙂


The Hutch

On the pages of children’s books like this one, I find the prettiest tea cups, tea pots, and other dishes.  What better place to display the real-life versions than on a hutch?  I wished for one for a long time.  Then, one mother’s day weekend, my husband sent me out with some money to find one.  I walked down each aisle of a large mercantile.  Finally, at the end of the last aisle, I spotted a children’s book-worthy hutch!  We christened it, the “Blue Piece of Furniture,” but when that grew tiresome to say, it became the “B-POF.”  The B-POF hid homeschool supplies behind its doors during that season.  Now, it holds the tea party china Grandma passed down to us.


The Tree Swing

Echoing The Secret Garden, a little bunny soars on a tree swing.  (Don’t worry!  He doesn’t fall off.)  If you have a very tall tree, hang the swing from a high branch to lend a floating sensation.  Oh, the joy of swaying beneath a canopy of leaves, then pushing towards the blue!

There are so many more decorating ideas in Bunny Day than I’ve been able to mention.  I hope you can find a copy and open an invigorating window between the picture book world and your own!



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  1. No wonder I enjoy being in your warm, welcoming, wonderful home so much! It radiates the love and magical feelings right out of the pages of a beloved book. You are so precious, Carol♥ And your home feels like a big, warm hug as you walk in your door:)

    I love you, sweet daughter♥

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