Chocolate Mustache


Hello dear ones!  I have been away battling dragons (namely library science projects and Epstein-Barr), but I’m back to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!  A fellow children’s book writer, Susanna Leonard Hill, puts on a delightful contest each February called the Valentiny Writing Contest.  Entries can only be 214 words (2/14 and tiny), and this year the theme is “guilty.”  If you love to write picture books, pop on over to her site to add your own story to the fun. 🙂  Below is my Valentiny entry:

Chocolate Mustache

I’ll just eat one, Teddy thought.  After all, it had been a jarring morning—being plucked from the drugstore shelf and having a red ribbon tightened around his neck.

When he bit the chocolate orb, pink filling oozed out!  Bleck!

I’ll try one more.  Gray nougat bulged.  Ick!

Teddy tried to imagine that someone had loved him enough to give him the heart-shaped box full of candy.  Even though the note stuck to the box said, “I love your blue eyes,” and Teddy’s were black . . . even though the boy had written, “I love the way you play soccer,” and Teddy was only about as big as a soccer ball himself, he grabbed another chocolate and popped it into his mouth.

Aw nuts!   

A little girl swept out the front door and onto the porch where Teddy sat.  She caught him gooey mouthed.

Teddy’s tummy swirled as she stared.

“A teddy bear that can eat!!!”   She picked him up and inspected him.

Teddy shut his eyes.  His trembling ears heard a rustle of paper.

“From Jake!!!” she cooed.  “It’s the best Valentine’s Day ever!”

She whispered, “Don’t tell Jake, but I hate chocolate!  I LOOOOVE you, though!  Then, she tenderly fed Teddy the sweetest piece.

Caramel salted with happy bear tears.  Mmmmmmmmm.













7 thoughts on “Chocolate Mustache

  1. Ha! I loved this, because i have had Teddy’s exact experience of trying a bunch of disappointing chocolates in a box hoping to find that delicious carmel one!HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY❤💜💙💚💛🧡Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  2. Dear Carol, it’s always so delightful to read your words full of message and happiness. Thank you for coming back and give us this wonderful treat at Valentines’ day.

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