Chasing Heaven

  When I was a child, The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton, was my favorite book.  In it, a country cottage endures trials (urban sprawl), only to be transported, in the end, to her former life in the paradise of the countryside. The problem with my girlhood love of this book is that it […]

Corduroy on Love

I Corinthians 13 is the famous “love chapter” of the Bible. Its poetry defines love in exquisite detail. I think Mark 10 deserves a similar designation: the “Jesus Loves Me” chapter. In it, right after we watch Jesus drawing the little children close and blessing them, we get to gaze at a person through Jesus’s […]

Would You Wear Goodnight Moon?

It came to her in a dream. Margaret Wise Brown awoke and captured it in a form near to the one we cherish today. She called her editor, who immediately approved of her genius. Goodnight Moon was born. It is surprising to me that more mothers-to-be don’t paint their nurseries bright green, install red carpet, […]

A Better Story

I’m afraid I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I admit that I haven’t been working steadfastly on my children’s books either.  Instead, I’ve been engaged in living a better story. Shortly after Christmas, friends from church gave me a book by Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.  It’s not a children’s book, […]

The Stars Will Still Shine

In this New Year, I’ve been slow to step away from the warmth of Christmas into the open expanse of January. It is silly, really, how I think in patterns. I felt somehow safe in the year 2014, because the pattern of that year had been an uplifting one. Now, I am outside its familiar bookends. […]

How to Remain a Child

I often think of Einstein’s words: “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” Children live with a sense of awe. Sometimes I’m afraid that the pain in this life will chip away at my sense of wonder until […]

Berry Picking

Fog hovered over the tops of the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Clouds covered the sun, providing relief from the July heat. Life had been hard in the weeks leading up to that trip, and that very night (unbeknownst to us), we would come down with violent stomach bugs. But on that misty morning at […]

Oh My Baby, Little One

As a little girl, I had to fight back tears when I found a note in my lunchbox from Mama. The elementary school I attended—which in hindsight was quite nurturing—felt cold in comparison to the warmth of her love, felt unsafe in comparison to the haven of home. Glimpses of heaven still make me cry: […]