“Blooms” in My February Garden

The flurries earlier this month are giving way to snowy pear blossoms.  Although the calendar doesn’t reflect it, Texas is kicking off her winter blanket in exchange for spring’s multi-hued quilt.  The following is a list of blooms, both literal and figurative, in my garden this month.

Beef stew and tulips, carried in loving arms, through the snow, to our doorstep

snowflake 028

*  My dear friend, a widow, crying for joy because a stranger gave her flowers on Valentine’s Day

*  Loving a baby girl at first sight and being able to pray for her heart to be healed

*  Sleeping on a top bunk, but not until my friend and I had talked and laughed our way past midnight at a women’s retreat

*  Celebrating Mama’s major work achievement with songs and poetry and Italian food

Carolina Jessamine – I like this vine because it is evergreen and it heralds spring with its cheery, sweet-scented blossoms in late winter year after year.

February flowers 020

*  A dinner with my Valentine in front of a fireplace

*  Enjoy Life® chocolate chips placed in a heart-shaped box by my hubby

Receiving a teenage Valentine by mistake 🙂

*  Watching big snowflakes drift to earth  (This one fell on my pink coat!)

snowflake 003

*  The man, who had just met us, who ran home to root through his freezer for a corn-free pizza so my son could enjoy a version of what everyone else at the party was eating, without getting sick

*  ‘Aristocrat’ Pear —  Next week, this tree will join its cousin, the Bradford, in  transforming our winter-weary street into a bridal procession.  Right now, it is covered in promising buds, and I can already detect its pungent odor.  (Ornamental pear blossoms are best admired from inside a window to avoid the stench. 🙂 )

February flowers 059

*  A homeless woman beneath a shawl and these convicting lyrics from the Caedmon’s Call song, “This World”  —   “And the least of these look like criminals to me, and so I leave Christ on the street.”

*  The gardener within me reawakening with the urge to prune the rose bushes.  (They are already leafing out.  See the newborn red leaves!)

February flowers 074February flowers 073

*  Sewing a beard for my son’s John Muir costume

*  Gluten-free corn cake made by my thoughtful friend

*  Whispering Jesus’s sweet name and feeling His loving presence

Coral honeysuckle —  I planted this because Japanese honeysuckle, with its intoxicating aroma, is difficult to keep in bounds.  This scentless version, however, remains a mannerly vine with vibrant tubular blooms.

February flowers 071

*  Holding my mesmerized Little One during a puppet show at the library

*  The opportunity to learn from Kathi Appelt

*  chickadees at the bird feeder

*  Walking beside daffodils on a cold, sunny day with friends  (Yes, dear Wordsworth, I thought of you!)

dancing daffodils at the arboretum

dancing daffodils at the arboretum

Thank you, Lord, for all the gifts you bestow.