A Soaking Rain

My beloved grandfather passed away in his cozy bedroom yesterday morning.  I have been given the honor of writing this great man’s eulogy, so I thought I’d let him blog for me today.  This is an e-mail my grandfather wrote to our family about three years ago.  The Carol he speaks of is my loving grandmother.  (I am her namesake.)  It is the “idyllic existence” of having my grandfather’s steady, loving presence here with me that I’m yearning for today.  Does the world ever know her greatest heroes?  The humble?  The hardworking?  The faithful?   Jesus knows, and yesterday he led a hero on earth into heaven. 

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The day has been rather mundane until the nice rain this afternoon. It didn’t last long but was a slow soaking type of rain.  I went to the garage, opened one of the overhead doors and stood there watching nature at one of its most interesting activities — raining—supplying the earth with it’s necessary moisture to supply the many growing elements sustained by the earth.  It is amazing what our GOD Almighty has provided for the maintenance of this earthly home he provides for all humanity, the animals, plants and all else that lives and reproduces here on this planet.  If that isn’t enough to sustain one’s faith in his existence — I rest my case.

I hope all of you are healthy and doing all of the things that make your lives interesting, exciting, or both.  I am certainly happy with the one I am living, even though I miss Carol tremendously and think of her more and more each day and thank God for those fifty-four years he allowed us to share a life and wonderful family.  We were certainly blessed, and I thank God every day for her and all of the things we experienced and the love we shared.  I could hardly have asked for anything more, except the continuation of that idyllic existence, but such was not to be.  So I thank God for what he gave us and do the best I can with the life I have left, and I am not nearly ready for it to end.

I hope all of you got a rain today, also, and that the days ahead will be happy and prosperous ones.

Love to all,


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  1. Carol, it was so timely for me to read this tonight. It made me feel my Daddy here with me tonight. He will always be with us in many different ways. Your blog is such a gift to me. It never fails to move me. I couldn’t be prouder of you, Sweet Carol. I love you so much♥ Mama

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